Scratch Cupcakery Pick Up!

If you ordered Scratch cupcakes, they will be ready for pickup between 1-3 PM tomorrow on Friday, March 13th! Please make arrangements to pick them up in this window of time because they will come frozen and we do not have the freezer space for all of them! Thanks to everyone who ordered! Please share to spread the word.

Quartermania Fundraiser!

Friday, April 24th @ East Moline American Legion
Doors open at 5:30 PM, Auction starts at 6:30 PM

A “Quartermania” is a combination of a raffle and auction. As you arrive, you purchase a numbered paddle(s). A corresponding numbered poker chip is placed in a bag. An auction item is held up and described. Anyone who wants to “bid” puts their quarter(s) in a basket as it gets passed around and then holds up their paddle. Once all of the “bids” are in, a chip is chosen from the bag. The person holding the paddle up with that number wins the item. If that numbered paddle is not up, then another chip is drawn until a winner is pulled. Then all numbered chips are put back in the bag, and the bidding starts over for the next item.

All proceeds will go towards the new library fund!!!

There is no admission fee. Paddles are $3 each, 2 for $5 or 5 for $10

You may bring your own food inside but beverages must be purchased at the Legion.