Library Card

Virtual Library Card Sign Up!

If you live in East Moline or Hampton, you may now apply for a virtual library card! You may contact Mikayla at and she will verify your information and send your card number via email.

The number on the library card will allow you to access our digital libraries and other online resources like streaming and educational courses (All listed on our website). If you already have a library card, there's no need to apply for another. You may access our digital library with the number on the back of your card.
Library Card
Library cards are provided free of charge to all residents of our district, as part of your tax-supported library services. Your card gives you borrowing privileges here and at most public libraries in Illinois, access to special online resources, and more!

If you live in our service area, you may get a library card free of charge, as part of your tax-supported library service.Your library card allows you to:

Borrow books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and video games from us.

Borrow materials from other libraries across Illinois.

Use special online collections to find magazine articles and information you can’t get just by searching the web.

Access East Moline Library services, such as Community Passes, RBDigital audiobooks and magazines, as well as WiFi Hotspot rentals.

To get a library card, simply come to the library and tell us you would like to get a card.  You will have to bring along a photo ID and proof of your current East Moline address.