WiFi Hotspot

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The East Moline Public Library offers free WiFi Hotspots to East Moline Library cardholders! Hotspots check out for one week. Individuals 18 years or under must be accompanied by an adult to check out.

Please consider the rules of use:

One hotspot can be checked out per individual / household at a time.

No renewals.

You may place a hold on a hotspot. When it comes in for you, it will be held for two business days.

Patrons must wait 48 hours after returning a hotspot before checking out another hotspot.

There is a $5 fee for returning the hotspot to another library or in the book drop.

There is a $155 fee for damage or replacement of the device, as well as a $25 fee for damage or replace of the battery or cord. Your service will be disconnected if the hotspot isn’t returned on the due date and you will not be able to check out a hotspot again for 30 days.